Okay so I've been using the Dream Daemon today and I noticed that when you're hosting in Trusted Mode there are no error messages given if no one can connect. This is bad because unless you know that you need to get:

"BYOND hub reports port XXXX.. can be reached by players."

Then you won't know if it can or can't be connected to. The only option is to have someone connect which can be tedious when in the meantime you could have been solving the issue.

So does anyone know why this is happening and if we could get it fixed? Thank you.
I'm not having this issue, the port message is appearing for me regardless of the security settings.
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Interesting, have you tried it with a port that you know isn't open? That would be a more realistic re-creation of what I experienced.
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I actually tested with both, and just did again to be sure.
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Okay, looks like the issue was specific to me. Case closed I guess. Thanks for sorting that out.