Ok so as you know game's can have predefined macros in the skin file. The only way a player in that game can change those macros is by going to f1>client>edit skin, clicking the skin file, and editing the preset macros there. Because if they go the f1>client>edit macros, those preset macros (for some odd reason) aren't there for editing.

I think this needs to change, I'm constantly having to explain to players on my game how to change the preset macros when they ask me.

The real question is, should I bother suggesting this? And does anyone have anything else to say about it? Thanks.
If you want to encourage custom macros, I would suggest writing your own interface element for it instead of making them go through BYOND's menu. That way you can supply the commands, and they can choose the keys. Of course, that works best for simple macros.

You could always make a feature request, though.
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I can't figure out what to say in the feature request.


"Make it so macros in the skin of the game can be edited alongside regular macros"

I just don't know how to word it!
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" Feature Request: Please make editing the predefined macros within a game's interface easily accessible for modification alongside of custom macros. "

Good luck getting it in however, It will take the plus side of a year for it to be added in, assuming it has support for it.
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I suggested it there and it instantly deleted less than 10 seconds after I posted it.

Probably because I suck at explaining things.
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I still see it.

You will need to sort by latest activity to see it.