Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
New Black Knight Skills
  • Knight's Intimidation - Main class only. Black Knights have a reputation for being intimidating figures, even saying to give those who know no fear a taste of it. You can inflict Fear on enemies who are normally immune to it (excluding Boss monsters). In addition, defeating a unit will attempt to inflict Fear on all other enemies for 3 rounds.
  • Sacrifice - Defensive skill. Max Rank of 1. 1M. 5 round CD.
    Sometimes strategic sacrifices are required to protect something important. Targets an ally within 1 Range. Until your next turn, if the target ally is within 1 Range of you and takes damage from an enemy, you take that damage instead.
  • Black Drain - Passive skill. Max Rank of 3.
    Sap the strength from your foes using the mysterious power of the Black Knight's gale. If you have invoked the Black Wind, physical damage dealt from Soldier class skills drains the target of their Scaled Weapon ATK, as a stacking status effect (1 LV, 3 rounds per damage instance, max LV 1+(Rank*3), 10 rounds). You gain the same amount of Scaled Weapon ATK. (The drain effect can apply to multiple enemies, but you only gain this status once.)
  • Prophylaxis - Defensive skill. Max Rank of 3. 5 round CD.
    Prepare yourself to fend off the worst. Creates a group of counter-attack tiles at all tiles within 1 Range of you. When an enemy steps on one and you are within 1 Range of that tile, you perform a basic attack (treated as a counter attack) with a bonus to your Critical Damage equal to X (X = Rank*10%.). If the attack hits and the enemy was using basic Movement, they stop.

    The tiles will last for 2 rounds or until triggered.
  • Grandmaster - Innate skill. A sharp mind is a deadly weapon. Increases your Hit with Greatsword, Greataxe, and Greatlance weapons by half of your scaled GUI.

    Additionally, your Tactician class's Tactics Rank boosts the range of Black Knight projectiles and skills that can invoke the Black Wind to gain increased range (by half of its value). Furthermore, Tactics Rank cannot decrease due to taking damage during a turn your Parry skills are triggered, or have invoked the Black Wind.

Black Knight Skill Adjustments
  • Checkmate - Max SP changed to 1. FP cost changed to 15. Additional effect; If the enemy is defeated by the attack, inflicts them with Certain Defeat for 6 rounds.
  • Hanging - Max SP changed to 3. Range changed to 1. Effect changed;
    Can only target an enemy with no adjacent allied units. Exploit your target's lack of protection, performing a basic attack with a bonus to Hit. (The bonus is higher the further away you were from the enemy.)

    If you have invoked the Black Wind this round, gains +15% Critical Damage for the attack. Otherwise, invokes the Black Wind to change skill Range and teleports you near the target. (Range (Wind); 2+Rank, Bonus Hit: 2+Rank per tile)
  • Negation - Max SP changed to 3. Now only applies while wearing Heavy Armor. (Max: +24 Critical Evade)
  • Sudden Death - Max SP changed to 1. Now triggers versus physical damage that is less than Scaled SKI+5 (Fear duration now 3). Now also causes enemies you have Feared to suffer -15 Critical Evade versus you.
  • Indomitable - Max SP changed to 3. Effect changed; When wearing Heavy Armor with a weight of 10 or more: Reduce physical damage and total Battle Weight by 1+(Rank*3)%. Against enemies that you have inflicted with Fear, the reduction is doubled.
  • Prophylaxis - Renamed to Black Deflection. Max SP changed to 1. Effect changed; Black Knights are capable of turning their foe's momentum against them. When you successfully trigger your own Parry skill, you gain +15 Hit for 2 rounds.
  • Zugzwang - Max SP changed to 1. Effect changed; A tactic that forces enemies to make moves they don't really want to. Enemies affected by your Forced Move, Flatfoot, or Fear status effects have their Parry skill's reduction effectiveness halved and suffer -15 Evade (versus you only).
  • Crescent Rook - Max SP changed to 3. Scaling changed to 100% SWPN Ratio, 80%+20% Wind ATK per Rank. Effect changed; Sword, Axe, or Spear skill. Unleashes a projectile in a line that deals elemental magic damage to the first enemy hit (based on enchanted elemental).

    If you have invoked the Black Wind this round, the target may also be inflicted with Interference for 3 rounds. Otherwise, you invoke the Black Wind to appear either nearby the enemy hit, or if none, the tile the projectile expired at.
  • Bright Bishop - Max SP changed to 3. Scaling changed to 100% SWPN Ratio, 80%+20% Light ATK per Rank. Elemental ATK and damage type now depend on your enchanted elemental (or Light if none). Now a Sword, Axe, or Spear skill. Glowing LV changed to 10 * Rank.
  • Forced Move - Max SP changed to 3. 2 round CD. Range changed to 2+Rank. Effect changed; Utilize sheer force to manipulate your enemies into making unwise moves. Inflicts Forced Move LV X (X = Rank) on all enemies within a circle until your next turn, reducing their Move by LV.

    If you have invoked the Black Wind this round, all those enemies are also pushed back 1+X tiles. Otherwise, you invoke the Black Wind to draw them closer, pulling them 1+X tiles towards you.
  • Board Shaker - FP cost changed to 25+1 per Rank. Max SP changed to 3. 3 round CD. Earth ATK ratio changed to 110%+15% per Rank. SWPN Ratio changed to 50%+10% per Rank. STR ratio removed. Effect changed; Slam something heavy, be it your weapon or foot, into the ground, causing it to shake. All enemies in a 4 Range Circle around you take Earth magic damage (this damage is increased by your Torso's weight). Enemies who take damage may also be inflicted with Clumsy for 2 rounds. (Clumsy prevents the use of movement skills aside from basic Movement.)

    Does not affect flying or airborne units.
  • Castling - FP cost changed to 15. Range changed to 2. Effect changed; A protective move to get an ally out of danger. Targets 1 ally within 2 Range and switches places with them. You and that ally also gain a Defense buff based on Rank for 3 rounds.

    If the Black Wind has been invoked this round, the duration of the buff is doubled. Otherwise, the Range of the skill increases by 5, and you invoke the Black Wind to utilize it.
  • Stalemate - Main class only. Effect changed; Parry skill (only one takes effect at a time.) Grants the ability to parry attacks and skill damage from Sword, Axe, Spear, or monster weapons, at a chance equal to half of your Scaled DEF + a bonus based on Rank (+10% if you have inflicted Fear on the target). When triggered, damage is reduced by 50%. If the attacker was within 1 Range, and you have a weapon with 15 Weight or more equipped, they are also inflicted with Flatfoot LV 10 until their next turn.

    You can only parry attacks you can see.

Enchantment Adjustments
  • Volcanic - Weapon: When you land a critical hit with a Volcanic enchanted weapon for the first time in a round, deals unresistable Fire magic bonus damage to all enemies within 5 Range of the target, equal to this weapon's Power + your Fire ATK. (Ignores damage immunity and absorb of non-Boss enemies.) (No change to Armor effect.)

  • Passives and toggles now appear in their own individual category on the skill selection menu.
  • Black Beast attacks now announce which region they will be attacking five minutes prior to the start of the attack.
  • Characters in a town when Black Beast attacks start are given the walking monster 'grace period' where they will not be 'seen' by them (so that AFK players aren't assassinated).
  • The '(Player)'s turn.' message will now only appear when that unit's turn starts instead of before every action.
  • When a skill is used in battle, a message will be displayed in the battle log showing what skill was used. The skill name can be clicked to get a description of the skill.
  • Added Greataxe classification to the following weapons: Grand Axe, Grand Smasher, Mythslayer, Guillotine
  • Added Greatlance classification to the following weapons: Great Spear, Sea Hunter Spear, Knight Slayer, Shizumare`