New Age Online

by Raffile
Universe role playing game
New Age Online is a Universe Role playing game that is designed to spawn multiple generations, thus the title New Age. Heavily inspired by the Dragon Ball universe.
Avoid this game unless you like kissing admin ass to be allowed to play.

I'm have Ryugaus come in and wipe your shit later anyway.
You're ___s and dont deserve to host this.

Now run your mouth with some bull lies, when all that happened was you were rude and nazi-like toward my rm who bothered to try to rp a namek. on your game populated by the same 5 people each with 3 keys on and 4 admins all circle jerkin each other.

trying act like it's anything else, And ya'll can't even settle down enough to rp with a girl who come to rp with you, genius, simply genius.