by TWTD Games
A unique fantasy multiplayer with immersive PVE game-play.
As development progresses, we are interested in hearing which kinds of skills you would like to see in-game. Below is a list of a potential few we are considering:

Potential Skills:
- Alchemy
- Cooking
- Crafting
- Farming
- Fishing
- Gardening
- Hunting
- Inventing
- Mining
- Rune Mastery
- Sculpting
- Smithing
- Thieving
- Woodcutting

At the end of this poll, we will select the five most up-voted skills and implement them. However, in order to vote for the skills you would like to see in-game, you must be a part of the game's official discord (https://discord.gg/wEWRXT4).

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