Forsaken Legends

by XXXxJokerxXXX
Forsaken Legends
Hello old and new FL fans!

Forsaken Legends is making a come back. Due to quarntine boredem combined with fresh hype about the Bleach anime coming back I've decided to start working on FL again! Be on the look out starting next week for updates about when the server goes live. The goal is to get a 24/7 live version going by the end of the month.

What's new about Forsaken Legends????

Well for one the whole Shikai/Bankai concept isn't the same as in the show. Shikai/Bankai(s) are randomized, meaning just because you awaken a certian characters Shikai doesn't mean you'll have their Bankai. You will also be able to switch races through various methods so you won't be defined or stuck with just one race. FL also won't always follow the shows logic to the T anymore, meaning new races, fusions, and powers that are unique to the Bleach universe will be added in. There's already automated events around the clock with no Admin required, fun right? Well there's certianly tons more, I'll be doing my best to announce weekly updates as well as get a live version going as soon as I can. :) See ya soon

- Stoner

Dope when will it be hosted?
Yo where is Techno at ;c