Good day!
I have a question about account reactivation.

Basically, I have an older account, which I deactived long time ago. Recently - things turned out that I really needed it back.

Unfortunately, because of some problems - I have lost any access to the email address that is currently attached to it.

The account is pretty old - so I was unable to reactivate it using the first, original email, as it looks like it is long-long gone.

The question is - maybe there is a way of reactivating it through the administration (anybody/anything else)?
Not simply gaining access and violating the security measures - just making it active and visible, so the logging option is available.

I remember the password, I have a list of all the e-mails attached to it and might even get some proofs that I am the owner (if it is really needed). Even this account's name is similar to the old one's (ofcourse, if it can help in any way).

I'd be really grateful if there was any chance to resolve this problem.