Dragonball Generations

by BossLvl
Dragonball Generations
Become a super hero or villain! Create an origin for yourself and enjoy life in this building/survival game!
Come here to post your application to join the in-game staff! Be sure to mention your skills/experience you feel are noteworthy here and how active you believe you'll be able to be!
Due to Corona I now take online school, so my availability can be around 8 hours a day.
I'm sure a few people can attest I have decent problem solving skills, and leadership skills as well.
I can be considered a Vet at the game, and I know how to work its mechanics very well, due to me playing this generations, and the previous one.
Please Consider me to join your admin team

Thank you,
Well, I have no experience as a mod, but I am always looking to give it a try to being one. My skills, I am biased, I don't treat anyone differently, everyone will receive the same treatment. I am not one to abuse powers and I have been following the rules of the game, like I do with all games. I try to turn my work to being at home, mostly working on a project of my own. Due to that, I am on, from the moment I awaken, to the moment I sleep.
If you consider me a staff, you will have someone on for around 13 hours a day, maybe longer.
I'd love to join the admin team. I don't have much experience in coding. But id be great at creating events for players. Plus i live in New zealand. Which would give the team more flexibility in time. I have a lot of in game experience and id love to see the game grow. Consider me for your team please.
I don't have any coding or modding experience but I love this game and have played it for nearly 10 years between this and the OG version and I would really love to be considered for a position on the in-game admin team. I am a quick learner and feel I understand the game fairly well and can be taught anything I may need to know. I can give 4-6 hours on days when I work since I work such long shifts but my days off I can be active 8 hours or more.
I was a admin on another game for about two years it was a bleach based game called bleach world wide adventures. I can basically be active around 12-16 hours a day depending on irl stuff that is going on. I have played this game since it came out basically. i love this game and want to be able to be there to help the players and the game prosper.

Have a great day ^.^
I ran my own servers on multiple occasions through Finale and Sundered Earth versions. I currently am on staff for Spiritus Roleplay as co-owner and Head Admin. I am 32 Irl and as such have a more level headed approach when it comes to things in game. Please consider me for this application as It would mean a lot to me and I have played Generations for over 12 years.

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