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A unique fantasy multiplayer with immersive PVE game-play.
Following the poll we conducted on which skills players would like to see and discussions with other developers, we have implemented the first five skills with a current maximum level of 50. They are: Alchemy, Farming, Hunting, Mining and Smithing.

x There are a series of recipes that players will be able to discover during game-play. These can currently be acquired from rare NPC loot drops and as rewards from Treasure Hunting.
x Elixirs can be crafted using a cauldron and stronger recipes will require a higher alchemy level to learn.

x Farming patches can be used to plant a variety of different seeds. The current seeds in-game consist of all of the berries used in the alchemy system.
x Plants will grow in accordance to the game’s day/night cycle, will need to be watered and if they catch diseases, cured. Each plant has five different growth stages from seed to harvest.

x Players are able to lay traps to catch creatures such as the Charx. Once these creatures have been caught and collected, they can be released in exchange for loot.

x There are a range of different rocks to mine within the world. These rocks range from raw materials like Coal, Stone, Tin, Copper, Iron, Silver and Gold to elemental runes.
x Those with a higher level are able to mine higher level minerals, use better pick axes and will have a higher chance of acquiring ore without them being destroyed in the process.

x Furnaces can be used to smelt stone and ores into malleable stone and ingots. These can then be used on anvils to forge items like Cauldrons, Necklaces, Pickaxes, Rings and Snares.

We would like to emphasize that whilst we will be working on implementing new systems, more content will be added to these skills as development progresses. If you would like to keep up-to-date with the game's progress, join our Discord! https://discord.gg/wEWRXT4


looks cool!
looks good can't wait to play
Thank you both very much for your feedback! To stay updated with the game's progress and influence the direction it's heading, join our discord: https://discord.gg/wEWRXT4!

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