by TWTD Games
A unique fantasy multiplayer with immersive PVE game-play.
Project Update: (30th September)
Swift progress has been made since conceptualizing and starting the game 20 days ago! In addition to all aforementioned content, the foundation of world map has been created and a new Dungeon and Party system have been implemented.

As we continue working on the art, we are interested to hear more of how you’d like the game to function. To respond to the questions below, feel free to head into our Discord, enter Polls, and react with the emoji that corresponds with your choice.

How many characters slots should each player have?
x One
x Two
x Three

When you die, what should the penalty be?
x You lose all your items.
x You lose some of your items at random.
x You lose your active familiar.
x You lose all of your items and your active familiar.
x You lose some of your items and your active familiar.

Select three of the following prospective features you’d most like to see implemented?
x Career Paths & Jobs
x Character Customization
x Character Traits
x Fishing & Cooking
x Gambling System & In-Game Casinos
x Player Owned Housing
x Quests
x Treasure Hunts (Maps, Puzzles, Riddles)

Screengrab Previews:

If you are interested in keeping up with the game's development, viewing the development logs or wanting to see screenshots, join our Discord: https://discord.gg/wEWRXT4

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