Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
Crafting System Revamp (Part One)
  • The crafting system UI has received a complete overhaul.
  • New crafting tables are claimable when used and allows the claimer to craft items for other players much more easily.
  • There is no longer a success/failure chance for crafting a recipe. Instead, you can only craft recipes at or below the relevant craft skill's level.
  • Crafting EXP for crafting individual items has been reduced. However, you gain bonus crafting EXP for crafting a recipe for the first time. (This change was meant to give incentive to craft many different recipes instead of a cheap one repeatedly to level up.)
  • Several recipes have had their required items and the craft they belong to adjusted.
  • For more details, use a smelter in-game and click the question mark icon.

  • Ores and remains are now considered unprocessed materials. Recipes requiring Material (Hard) (previously the 'ore' category) now use Ingots and Workable Remains instead.
  • To create these items, you must use a smelter. Smelters require 5 ores or remains to smelt one ingot or workable remains.
  • The type of item created depends on the item you put in the first slot. The items in the other four slots may be any other smeltable material, but using different ores/remains will reduce the success rate of smelting successfully.
  • Success rate is increased by your Metalwork skill. Success rates exceeding 100% have a chance to trigger a great success, which will give an extra item.
  • For more details, use a smelter in-game and click the question mark icon.

New Badlands Arena Map
  • Contributed by Spo, the Badlands Arena has received a facelift.

  • Crown of Heaven and Healer's Legacy - No longer give +1 to a specific craft skill. Instead they give +1 bonus crafting EXP for their specific craft.
  • Campfires now use the new lighting system.
  • Item quantity caching (for optimization purposes).

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