by TWTD Games
A unique fantasy multiplayer with immersive PVE game-play.
Project Update: (25th October)
Two weeks have passed since our last project update and while updates on the development logs were slow, progress wasn't. These last few weeks have seen us introduce some exciting features, from interactive mini-games to an improved user interface and world design.

Interactive Minigames
Lowballer: This interactive cardgame has a concept similar to Blackjack but the ultimate goal is to finish on the lowest score. The player and dealer can both risk hitting and increasing their number to get one of the picture cards (J,Q,K) which are each equivalent to different negative integers. The lower the player’s number, the more experience/gold they’ll acquire.

Den Defenders: Den Defenders is a Capture-the-Flag inspired game-mode which can be played by two teams of 3 or 5. In this game-mode, players are expected to capture their opponent's totem and return it to their own altar to score points. But beware... each Den has its own surveillance room where players can become saboteurs and monitor their base whilst activating boobytraps to deter and kill intruders.

What's the Time Mystic Sprite?: A new locational mini-game allows players to navigate through and explore a natural labryinth to gain access to unique places. To access the hidden locations, players are forced to avoid coming in contact with the Elemental Sprites which patrol the lair because failure to do so will send players right back to the beginning in agonising pain.

Number Bonanza: An interface based mini-game in which players have to select the lowest number from a variety of randomly generated integers. The faster the lowest number is clicked, the more points the player accumulates.

Quests and Quest Log
Embark on exciting new journeys and explore unique storylines as you navigate through the quests Eonology currently has to offer, as well as the many more to come. Delve into the game's original lore and make important decisions that will have a significant impact on your expedition.

Art and Map Progress
As of now, all 28 base creatures have been fully animated and implemented- each with a unique ability. Additionally, the world map has also been designed and will continue having locations added as development progress. In regards to furniture and world tiles, we have made swift progress and have completed a wide variety of wooden furniture. Whilst all this is brilliant, we still have a lot of work to do in regards to creating interiors and adding unique flare to each location.

Note: If you are interested in keeping up with the game's development, viewing the development logs or wanting to see screenshots, join our Discord: https://discord.gg/wEWRXT4