As some of you may know I am developing a Stargate Game (SGOv2) heavily inspired by the old Stargate Online game form many years back. The basic game is ready and playable (see the hub to come and check it out)

What I am looking to do is build a team of passionate people that love Stargate and would want to bring back a Stargate game to BYOND.

I am fairly competant programmer myself and have developed many of the systems on my own over the past few months, all the icons have been created by me ( Thanks to a Youtube tutorial teaching me how to set up photoshop for Pixel art, thank god)

So in theory I could just be a solo dev making this game in my spare time. But I really want to get this game out there, there a few things I want to add to the game to make it more immersive, like an intelligent AI system that is contrained to the same movement patterns as the player, the ability for the AI to shoot the player if its in a certain range etc ... I already have a somewhat primitive version of this made, but the aforementioned constraints is wrecking my brain, I just can't figure it out.

I would also, like to recode the Gate system. The current system has been borrowed from an old Stargate Online source code that was floating about and I have, for the most part, worked out all the bugs but there are things I think could be improved.

For example, I'd love the SGC DHD to be a lot slower than it currently is, much like the TV show, have an NPC (Walter) Dial the gate and say "Chevron 1 encoded ..." etc

I'm a massive Stargate Fan which is why this has been a passion project of mine for the past few months. Wuietly working behind the scenes to bring a Stargate Game back to BYOND.

So here is my plea.

If you are a fan of Science Fiction, RPG adventure games and you also happen to like Stargate, Join me and help me make this game amazing.

I can not offer you payment, as the game can NOT be monetised in any sense of the word due to legal reasons behind fan made games. I can however offer you the chance to build something you can be proud of and you will of course be compensated within the game itself once its completed.

There is a dedicated Discord Server, where players and devs will be able to interact and exchange ideas, which of course you will have dedicated roles on as well.

The hub for the game is :

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope we can build something amazing.