Hello Readers! Kozuma3 has put out a poll in search of interest in participation in a Game in a Month (or two) Developers Challenge! Currently, the relevant majority results are inconclusive and no other details have been provided.

Additionally, Iím currently in search of users who may be interested in taking over as the writer for this column! Iíll be looking to conclude my participation in this volunteer position in the nearby future, so if youíre interested in more details, contact me via pager! Now letís see what the future has brought for these BYOND games!


Pushing through reoccurring pains in October, BYOND Developer Lummox JR has netted some bugs and scrubbed out old cruft! Calls to external .dll files and browser resource loading has been optimized, an issue with the exe creator has been resolved, and Redmond is back in the hot seat after making an unexpected and breaking change. Additionally, he reminisced over Dream Seekerís derelict hub features, and flip-flopped with skin changes over on Patreon!


Twas a month before Halloween and Flame Guardian has resumed development on Beware of the Weredude! The round-based survival game has been undergoing public tests every few days, announced through their Discord Channel. The Barista, a new playable character, is lighting up the place, the masked wereraccon is social distancing, and many fixes and other updates!

Bravo1 has established a hub page and public alpha is underway for the project he has spent the past two-and-a-half years creating, Dark Star! Players can jump into the live server, or grab the hosting files and launch their own survival adventure aboard the Idaho. He made a mention of his latest work, adding a wrist-watch style menu, with matching motions.

Darker Emerald has announced that The Last Conflict is now free-to-play, as he begins working on TLC 2.0 in another programming language. The update also features four new classes, the virologist, riot specialist, technologist, and operator. Storage space can be upgraded further, and a new boss can be challenged!

Raffile has found himself in another Game Jam, this time the Halloween Scream Jam 2020. Heís released a short video of the turn-based team battle game, where his band of spooky characters moves about to try to take out the opposing team. With 11 seconds to go prior to the deadline, he submitted the game and is currently undergoing judgment. However, the upload didn't go so well, but instructions to play can be found in the comments section here.

Poplava has been bringing his latest project, Loot Grinder, back to its roots as he crests the two/thirds mark on his target hour count. Heís now focused on player experience, progression, and creating a fun experience for the end-user. Loot chances are now based on the area, and animations have been added for fire.

Pixel Realms has set the bearings for where Chronicles of Esshar is headed over itís next few updates! As was mentioned in the roadmap, books and bookcases have been added, where players can publish their own stories, journals, guides, and notes. New gearsets are available, and rings made of precious metals can be crafted. NPC interactions can be key-bound, and fairies may be a playable class... if you can only believe!

Part 1 of Sigrogana Legend 2ís crafting update has been completed, as reported by Devourer Of Souls in his latest update log. The user interface for crafting has been entirely overhauled, failing to craft an item is no longer possible, and crafting exp gains have been adjusted to promote uniqueness over quantity. Additionally, the Badlands Arena map has been updated, and ores require smelting to produce usable goods.

Yut Put has offered a brief viewing of the epic title screen to his latest project, now that Vagabond Legend has entered into its final rounds of testing and is approaching a public release! Keep your eye peeled for more information as it becomes available as this developer has a tendency not to disappoint!

TWTD Games continues to log progress on Eonology! The polls are in and revealed that players are interested in having three character slots, ditching random items at death, and character customization, traits, and housing, while the preference for real or made-up fish names was less conclusive. Results aside, skills, combat, and crafting have received an extensive amount of new content, minigames are in play, interfaces have been updated, and quests have been set to push game progression.

Kozuma3 has begun work on As One They Swarm, a round-based Zombie Survival game. Current screenshots depict money, guns, ammo, and a swarm of baddies. The glow-in-the-dark red eyes does produce a concerning effect, no camera required!

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I was in a scramble xD. Barely made the deadline im surprised it works at all ha. Anyways, Higoten it's been great reading these columns from you! I hope the next person puts as much effort into this as you have. Thank you!
Thanks for the mention Higoten!

As always, reading your updates has lined up perfectly with my morning cup of coffee.

We'll be testing Beware of the Weredude every Sunday for the next while, hope to see you in some of our public tests coming up! ;)
Is there any plans for a android or iPhone port? I think it would be good for the byond community and byond platform.
In response to GokuAnime
Not possible.
I'm surprised I managed to get things functioning before I left for my trip to Orlando. Disney was pretty cool, my feet hurt from several hours of walking. My back hurts from several hours of driving. My brain is fresh though, so I'd better be nice to it and give it several hours of coding! Already have plans for a second map for dark star as well as a PVP mode and map!