It's hard to believe how 2020 has flown by and honestly, we'll all be glad to be rid of it. As I write it's sunny and beautiful out, but deceptively so because it's quite cold out there (and a little inside, too).

I took a small step backwards healthwise this week, but hopefully without the lasting effects of before. Nevertheless I moved forward on some bug fix work, got a lot done towards icon-based particles which also meant expanding the way generator functions work (there's more to do there), and also I'm looking further into the renderer to see if I can speed it up some more.

Actually I think next week is going to be the week of the renderer. I say this because Eternia has been seeing some really horrendous times in the client profiler, and although I'm sure there are some underlying causes like a large number of icons that can't be changed, the rendering time is so nuts I think it implies I need to change something. One issue I believe has been a problem is the way KEEP_TOGETHER groups are handled "on-demand" instead of rendering them first, but I won't know for sure until I can collect hard data.

I want to thank everyone who's helped BYOND out by becoming a Member lately or through the donation channels, including Patreon and SubscribeStar. Your support keeps the lights on and means everything!

Speaking of support, our longtime herald Higoten is stepping down from Within BYOND shortly because he's had a hard time keeping up with the schedule. Thank you, Higoten, for all the love you put into the column for so long! But this leaves a void, so if anyone would like to step up and fill that, please let either one of us know.

Halloween is tomorrow! Somehow I haven't bought a bag of Take 5, and one of the main reasons is that I haven't seen one among the other candy in the places Wegmans has conspicuously placed it all. Maybe this year I'll break the streak after all. But whether you're saving candy for the onslaught (which may or may not be as big), hoarding it for yourself and eating it all in the dark, or avoiding it like a vampire avoids garlic, I wish you all a happy Halloween!
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