Suddenly after observing as a ghost in-game, I just completely lost the ability to left click anything. I am fully capable of walking around and opening my backpack, and I am fully capable of speaking, right clicking objects and creatures, and clicking on the menu at the right side as well as the drop-down menus on the top left of the screen. Nothing is fixing it, so far. I've tried clearing the cache, reinstalling, entering cryo to respawn and relog, alt tabing in and out multiple times, and there's nothing I could've done to mess with any files in a negative way. Does anyone know anything at all about this?

EDIT: Apparently, something's broken with my sprite. I can click on the sides of the game screen to face my character a certain direction, but nothing more than that. Furthermore, my mouse disappears when close to the center of the game screen whenever I'm flying around as a ghost.
There's something wrong with your system.
Couldn't have been. There would've been warnings, surely. Also, this problem has been kinda sorta solved: I turned off the computer to head to bed the night I made that post, and the game worked fine the next day.
That's a sure sign your system was in a bad way.