Dawn of Piracy

by The Blue Magician
Dawn of Piracy
A roleplaying game set in the beginning years of piracy.

Hello adventurers!

We have recently announced on our discord that we will be looking to release volume 1 of Dawn of Piracy on 08/11/2020.

We underwent some closed beta testing a couple of weeks ago and were able to add all of the suggested features, as well as amending some balancing issues.

If you're just hearing about Dawn of Piracy for the first time, it's a turn based roleplaying game with a fully customisable combat system. Every skill and every perk can be incorporated into your gameplay experience, so you can not only enjoy telling a story but you can also feel the weight of your actions through the gameplay mechanics!

We're really excited to showcase what we've been working on and look forward to seeing everyone set sail for the first time!

Update: Apologies but due to a family emergency the game has been slightly delayed, we will post another update when we are able to provide a more accurate release date.

Update: The Open Beta server is now live!