Pocket Journey

by Dbztoy
Pocket Journey
#1 Mass Multiplayer (MMO) PvP Online Game on BYOND.
Currently In Development.
Release Date: In Progress Stay Tuned !


Main Owner/Coder: Blue


Host: Serenity


Game Masters:

Mapper: Blue

Hub Designer:


We will be working hard to make this game better and better. Our goal is to have a fun, fair and reliable game that all can enjoy.Do not, this is important, keep harassing Admins for positions. Admin will be given to those who are approved when decision is made and need for admins arise. Admins will be expected to perform correctly or they will be replaced. Any problems, suggestions or concerns can be reported to any admin.

No Copyrights To This game is in no way affiliated with Nintendo or Game Freak.
I have continued the soul of this project into another... Come check it out. https://www.byond.com/games/Dbztoy/CoalWorldReborn