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With BYOND game listing pages, there is the HTML view, and also ?format=text, which can show server info in a machine-readable format. However, the player listing is sub-optimal. Lets use this as an example

url = "byond://"
server_version = 513
status = "[truncated]"
players = list("Enderman Kitten","Jhonas","Oxotnak","Towelie84","DRON240","Dark Mac","Rework","Rusty2020","Roninqwerty")

It lists the players with their status set to public, but does not include private accounts. The HTML view will display full player counts, and include a number of private accounts logged in.

Ideally, in the ?format=text view, it would be nice to have a field which includes the total player count (including private members), as seen on the pager and the HTML view.

Whats the feasibility of this like?
This would be very nice for displaying playercount externally.
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