Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
New Smelting Recipes & Cloth Materials
  • Added smelting recipes to create the following cloth material items:
  • Singethread; Cotton + 3x Nerif's Blood + Any
        Armor: +10 HP, +1 Armor, +3 Weight.
        All: +5% Fire Resistance.
  • Shiverthread; Cotton + 3x Arctic Gold + Any
        Armor: +10 FP, +1 Magic Armor, +3 Weight.
        All: +5% Ice Resistance.
  • Swiftthread; Cotton + 3x Sylpheed's Curse + Any
        Armor: +5 HP, +5 FP, +3 Evade, +3 Weight.
        All: +5% Wind Resistance.
  • Sunderthread; Cotton + 3x Conduiz + Any
        Armor: +5 HP, +5 FP, +3 Lightning ATK, +3 Weight.
        All: +5% Lightning Resistance.

    NOTE: These materials cannot randomly generate on items.

New Tailoring Recipes
  • Added 43 existing equipment items as craftable recipes for Tailoring.
  • Added the following brand new, crafting exclusive recipes:
  • Embroidered Flamedance Gi
  • Embroidered Frosttouch Gi
  • Embroidered Windswept Gi
  • Embroidered Boltstruck Gi
  • Elementalist's Gi
  • Embroidered Elementalist's Gi
  • Feathers of Mercury (Catalyst)
  • High-Quality Bandages
  • Guild Flag (Carriable)

Carriable Items
  • Added the ability to carry certain items. Carried items can appear on your sprite.
  • Monster plushies are now carriable.

New Woodwork Recipes
  • Added 20 existing items as craftable recipes for Woodwork.
  • Added the following brand new, crafting exclusive recipes:
  • Devil's Tome
  • Indignant Idol
  • Ruby-Head Staff
  • Sapphire-Head Staff
  • Emerald-Head Staff
  • Topaz-Head Staff
  • Amethyst-Head Staff
  • Onyx-Head Staff
  • Diamond-Head Staff
  • Aerialite-Head Staff
  • Cariaite-Head Staff
  • Fortunite-Head Staff
  • Fulgurite-Head Staff
  • Morganite-Head Staff
  • Requinite-Head Staff
  • Tetraite-Head Staff

Magic Stone & Talis Adjustments
  • Now cost 1M to use, with the exception of Requinite (dispell stone).
  • Talis skills (such as Aquaphobia's Frozen Fear) now cost 1M to use.

New Cooking Recipes
  • Corn Pizza
  • Cobbed Corn
  • Sweet Corn

  • Added a Smelting and Enchanting (actual enchanting item crafting) buttons to Portable Science Kit.
  • Camp Pots now spawn via the new crafting system.
  • Breaking down items has been adjusted to the new crafting system.
  • Evasion is no longer disabled when knocked down, but the reduction is halved.
  • Associates (IE summoned allies), excluding Mercenaries, are now treated as minor units and do not cause team turn shifts.
  • Plant Seeds;
  • Now take 48 in-game hours to mature, but only need to be watered twice during that time to survive.
  • Watering it beyond the minimum now only gives 1-2 extra items, regardless of how many times.
  • Basic minimum yield increased to 3, maximum yield increased to 8. (For alchemy plants, max yield increased to 4 from 2.)
  • Murai transactions in shops now have a tax rate associated with them, which is basically an additional Murai cost. This is equal to 10% of the total amount (so, for a transaction of 100 Murai, a 10% tax would be 10 Murai, bringing the total to 110 Murai.)
  • New Omina tail options courtesy of Cerrik.
  • New Suitcase and Mech Plating Mirror Shards, courtesy of Roland Staghare.
  • New Bone Marauder sprite, courtesy of Roland Staghare.
  • New DISCer expansion from KitKatarine.
  • Patrions can now be exchanged into Asagorians at the Patrion chest. (You can only change Patrions into Asagorians, not vice versa.)
  • New Donation Item; Birth Certificate. Lets humans change their race to another human type.

OOC Corner
  • Added an OOC room. Please contain your OOC activities to this room.
  • Can be accessed by walking into the left-side tree behind the arena. (The one closest to the arena wall.)

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