Hello Readers! And say hello to the new publisher of this column, Spevacus! Heís going to be continuing to cover the newest and greatest developments around BYOND, coupled with his own brand of wit. Heís been around BYOND for a long time now, and I wish him luck in this new capacity! Now letís see what developers have to share with us!


Recovering from weather whip-lash, BYOND Developer Lummox JR has posted some gains on render performance while setting sights on a public beta of BYOND 514 after turning the calendar. To help address the rendering slow-downs experienced by some games, he began exploring texture atlases, and his test results showed promising results, although he expressed some doubts about if the intended target would see meaningful gains. He also dug into an issue with null-conditional operators and lamented the short-comings of Object-Oriented Programming.


Yutput has released Vegabond Legend to little fanfare this week! Vegabond Legend is the completed evolution of Epic: Legends, only without the technical issues and limitations. The game tosses the player into cursed and plagued lands, and offers a massive, free-ranging, and interactive world to explore, quests to complete, ingredients to collect, and a decision to be made as to whether the order prevails, or if chaos overtakes. Curious as to how many dozens of hours of gameplay are in this completed game? Only one way to find out - download the game over on!

Poplava continues on his quest for fun in Loot Grinder! Complex systems have been culled, actions have been simplified, and mockups have been made. Another redesign is underway, and game design theory revisited. The latest report details good progress, and the reintroduction of a key inventory feature without the complex interactions.

Sigrogana Legend 2 is filling out their recipe books, as Devourer Of Souls explains in his latest dev-log. New clothing, armor, weapons, and foods can be crafted, and many previously available items can now be crafted as well. Additionally, taxes have been levied, crops have been modified, and OCC has been sent to the corner.

Chance has shared another roadmap for Eternia: Chronicles of Esshar! On the docket this time is quality of life improvements, fishing and mining skills, help tickets, and indoor plants. Player Injuries and holdings can now be examined, auto ready options have been added, pings are made when important messages are received, and many spells have seen modifications or fixes.

Dawn of Piracy is looking to have their first public server live in the nearby future after a release earlier this week was delayed by a family emergency. The roleplaying game sets players into a pirateís life, setting sail to explore new lands, loot villages, and find buried treasures! Kaliba reports that a successful closed beta turned out new skills and features to bring depth to the roleplaying stories.

TWTD Games has shared an overview of the minigames available in Eonology! Lowballer challenges participants to end up with a low score, teams attempt to capture the flag in Den Defenders, and adventurers get lost in search of hidden locations, while dodging elemental sprites. Additionally, map-making and quest taking are going well, and a log has been created to keep track of all the adventures!

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Thank you so much for your many years writing this column, Higoten! I hope that I can match the wit and enthusiasm you managed to bring to each edition of Within BYOND.

To all others, I hope you'll be patient as I fall into the role. I'll do my best to cover all of your awesome projects! If you want to have a chat, shoot me a page or find me on Discord!
How come you never post anything about ss13?
In response to Jimmyhandrix
Jimmyhandrix wrote:
How come you never post anything about ss13?

Devs never update it / already too popular.
In response to Makarov22
I don't know how you came to this conclusion, but SS13 is updated daily, depends on what server you frequent.
So many clueless fanaticism with SS13 lately. They need to contact the writer with updates. And considering the multiple servers with different updates, you have pointed out one of the problems of covering it by your own self. If there is any game that needs to contact "Within BYOND", it would be, for sure, SS13. It's the perfect example.
In response to Jimmyhandrix
There's no "single dev" on SS13, it's (mostly) multiple open source codebases with many different people working on them. There's updates to it, minor and major, all the dang time, but crediting every single person for those changes would be quite difficult, notably considering how many of said changes are ports of someone else's code which means having to credit the person who ported it to a codebase and the original coder.

It's just a big mess of open source shenanigans, it's a good game, but it's incredibly difficult to report on it in a coherent format.
I think he's referring to the original codebase, but yeah each server is quite different and usually the most popular ones update their own custom codebase frequently
In response to TheNash
TheNash wrote:
I think he's referring to the original codebase, but yeah each server is quite different and usually the most popular ones update their own custom codebase frequently

In response to Makarov22
And it doesn't help many of the servers prefer to remain private for sake of quality control. Usually people joining from BYOND's hub never read the rules or the lore, or actively engage in malicious behaviour.
Thanks for the mention. Big shout out and thank you to Higoten for running 'within BYOND' all these years. Sorry to see you go but also happy to see it carrying on with Spevacus. Hope to one day (soon) provide you with some juicy content.
Higoten. 140 issues of Within BYOND. Something to be proud of my friend and I hope helps you in future career endeavours, game journalism is a cool field no? =)

Thank you for all your effort over the years to dig up news on a monthly basis to present to us BYONDírs. Your tightly nit package of news and witty remarks is something Iíve always looked forward to reading, and will continue to look forward to with Specavus taking up the throne.

Cheers Hitogen. Youíve done more for this community then the vast majority of us. <3
Just wanted to let others know that the new DreamCrafters discord I created is located at
In response to Flame Guardian
Flame Guardian wrote:
Higoten. 140 issues of Within BYOND.


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