It's news day already! That's right, we've come to a short week because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and boy do we have a lot to be th—oh wait, it's still 2020. Boy do we have a lot of reasons to gorge ourselves and try to forget about all this.

Icon particles are finally in place in 514. It took a lot more work than I expected because some of the preliminary things I put in place weren't ready or finished yet, and I kind of think I'll need to make more changes to it at some point. But I have something that works, and that's pretty good.

This week I also took a quick look into the garbage collector after a question from NSBR got me wondering, not really for the first time, if there was any room for change. In the past I didn't see any, but this time something struck me that had never occurred to me before. I think there might be a way to improve its performance at a minimum, and maybe make the loop more useful in the bargain.

Because it's such a short week I don't have a lot else to report just now, but I'm still working forward on 514. My current goal there is to put that in beta in January, since I don't want to deal with a deluge of bugs over the holidays.

Thank you all who've helped support BYOND recently through Membership, or on Patreon or SubscribeStar! You keep all this development going and make all the new features possible.

Now, let's get ready everyone for a proper feast, arguing with relatives, and hiding from the enforcers. I fear reduced numbers this year will mean my sister will bail on making a cherry pie. But tomorrow morning I'll be live-blogging the "parade" on my blog as ever, because traditions must continue. Have a happy Thanksgiving!
Good Job!