Christmas is coming up fast. Are you ready? Well I'm not. I got part but not all of my shopping done, and I really need to finish very soon because shipping is a mess this year.

Speaking of things that are a mess this year, I had some more doctor appointments and ailments get in the way of my schedule this week, but I still managed to get a lot done. 514 has more work to do yet but I needed to concentrate on some 513 issues that have piled up, especially with an annoying animation bug that I've probably had multiple reports on, but this time I had a very reliable test case—more or less by chance.

Some of my bug work has also involved investigating a really odd issue in Linux where 32-bit file access is apparently causing some grief where it abuts Windows network partitions and their 64-bit inodes. Fun! I've been doing some work updating our file routines so that hopefully I can transition to 64-bit file access versions without too much trouble. This may also impact some known issues on Windows where accessing files on a network share or a OneDrive folder is problematic, but I'm not so sure.

And just this morning I was thinking about the way associative lists are kind of fragmented in memory. Not many games have a big problem with that, but I know this has a huge impact on SS13 when it reboots for a new round and it's probably slowing down those list lookups as well because of cache misses. I'll talk about that more in today's Patreon post.

To everyone who's been contributing to BYOND through Membership, donation, or one of the other channels like Patreon or SubscribeStar, I'm very grateful for all of your support. For those who haven't yet, please give those couch cushions a good search. You guys keep the lights on, and there's no quicker way onto the Nice list unless you save a bus full of nuns from a volcano.

For those of you who have a holiday break or vacation coming up, what are your plans? What do you especially do during time off that you seldom get time for the rest of the year? Me, I have few special meals I indulge in (but more cautiously this year), along with some binge movie or TV watching as favorite activities: especially silly stuff like Bond movies or the Three Stooges, but this year I'd love to discover a new fantasy TV series to love. Let's hear what you've got going on!
Already had to watch the best Christmas movie ever made, Jingle All The Way starring my man Arnold Schwarzenegger.