by Raffile
Grab ye mateys and get ready to embark against ye foes
Hello everyone! During the weekends I have been trying to get this game done, and it's been going great! We ran our first tests this weekend and even though they did better then expected there was several problems with the current build, mostly just things I forgot about (Being able to kill spectators is one and quite funny!) so, I will hash these out and hopefully have the game ready by next week!

The game will be quite fun though once it's all ready and this is already evident during the testing period! Exciting enough, the testers have all had good things to say about the game, so we can't wait to bring this to you! Can't wait to see you in the grand battle of Yoho! (next weekend hopefully!)
Any updates on this?
I have a test server up and open to the public. Going to update the game here soon giving cannon balls an end basically. Still trying to figure out where/how I want to do the how to play so ik open to suggestions on that too!
After choosing faction. I want to learn the game before actually being matched. Also if theres no one else in the server one could take the chance to learn more about the gameplay.
Thank you for the suggestion I love it.