Land Deeds

by AERProductions
A scroll for claiming land!
Land Deeds as Featured in Pondera
A scroll object in user inventory that allows the deeding of land. A Deed Token will be generated on the spot of claimed land which facilitates the region claimed and the permissions of it.

Deed permissions will prevent actions of those not on its permission list. Deeds can be named. Deed Permissions can be granted or revoked.

This rough draft needs multiplayer testing.

VER.4 Corrected an oversight

VER.3 Expanded the library to include picking up and dropping examples to prove the permissions work

VER.2 Permissions are now granted upon creation. Fixed some other issues and commented/cleaned up the code.

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NOTE! This library requires Forum_Account's Regions library and Yash69's name filter library.
Graphics in this Land Deed lib are provided by Pondera