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Hi everyone,
I'm new to Byond and I have followed a tutorial to make a PvE game and I want to make a spawner so that you never run out of mobs. As there were 2 enemies in this tutorial (Although, I have added more myself), I want to know who to make this spawner be able to spawn all of them, but the harder to defeat the enemies, the lower chance it has. I have been looking throughout the forums and none of them meets my criteria.
Thank you in advance
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If you know ahead of time how relatively difficult enemies are, you can use a weighted pick to randomly choose what type of enemy to spawn:
var/list/enemy_type_weights = list(
/mob/enemy/weak = 3,
/mob/enemy/normal = 2,
/mob/enemy/strong = 1,
var/enemy_type = pickweight(enemy_type_weights)
new enemy_type(loc)

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Um... pickweight isn't a built in function? Are you using this:

proc/pickweight(list/L)    // make this global
var/total = 0
for(item in L)
if(!L[item]) L[item] = 1 // if we didn't set a weight, call it 1
total += L[item]
total=rand(1, total)
for(item in L)
if(total <= 0) return item
return null // this should never happen, but it's a fallback
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Magicsofa wrote:
Um... pickweight isn't a built in function? Are you using this:

@Kaiochao has linked to a library called pickweight, which already has this function