by F0lak
Role-play a fantasy life set in a completely player-developed world!
Boy oh boy, do we have an update for you! 6200 is now live, complete with a new lighting system and some updates and changes to the UI, and a boat load of a bug fixes (including some that have to do with loading boats!).

6201 Now Live
- Added lighting system. This is the first version of the lighting system, so expect there to be some issues with it. Please let us know if you encounter anything.
- Removed 'Opacity' from the game. This will require some level design to fix some areas up with the new system, so bear with us as we make this change.
- Updated the GUI to a higher resolution
- Gathering any resource now automatically equips the required tool, if found. Note that this does not affect fishing and skinning/beheading (yet)
- Berry bushes need to be picked before they can be chopped
- Removed toolbelt, as new gathering behaviour deprecates its use
- Berry bushes now give berries
- Characters will automatically face resources when gathering them
- Knocking on doors changed from Shift+Click to Ctrl+Click
- Mass Pickup and Mass Drop changed from Ctrl+Click to Shift+Click
- Drop-In-Front changed to Ctrl+Click. This is a temporary fix, as it will be moved to Drag and Drop in the future.
- Boats are slowed to a crawl when rowing across land
- Boats can now be dragged like carts

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