Greetings, Readers! My initial plans of having a regular publish schedule for Within BYOND have rather obviously fallen flat, but I attribute that to shaking off the latter bits of 2020! Speaking of which, Happy New Year, dear BYONDers! Let's all hope that 2021 is a better year than 2020 was! Now then... What have you all been doing over the holidays? Let's find out!


Lummox JR's hopes of a seamless maintenance release for 513 fell a bit flat back in December when a few compile errors reared their ugly heads. Then, Lummox fought with further bugs, and some conflicts with SS13's codebase following a potential newer maintenance release. Having repaired those, Lummox redoubled his efforts on 514's development, continuing to work on documenting new features and changes, as well as considering a collision system for particles as a followup feature. He also started a side project concerning editable maptext, which he elaborated on in a Patreon post! Further, Lummox expressed his hopes to push 514 to beta in January, which should prove to be exciting! Lummox also dove into the intricacies of preprocessors on Patreon, and while Lummox plans for one last maintenance release for 513, he still has every intention of keeping his goal of January as 514's beta debut!


Magicbeast20 enables you, and your friends, to hunt down and eviscerate each other in an alpha version of CyptHead! A random player (or an AI, if you happen to be running solo) is chosen to be the monster at the top of the round, gaining a compass to assist them locate potential victims. The survivors are tasked with locating and driving a car away to safety, collecting knives to defend themselves, and utilizing the environment to hide and evade the monster. While hiding, players can hold the shift key to quiet their breathing if the monster happens to be close, or make a break for it and sprint away! Grab a couple friends and hunt each other down!

F0lak delivers on his earlier promise to resume support on the BYOND version of Hazordhu, and continues to impress with a massive update! Changes focus on making the world a much more appealing place, with an impressive lighting system making its debut. In the works are shadows cast through a time of day system, visually stretching them longer as dusk approaches, as well as a focus on further graphical polishing. F0lak has also disclosed that he is now a full-time game developer following his funding from Hazordhu, which is awesome to see! Send him congratulations, and some further support, if you see him!

Devourer of Souls introduces a number of user interface improvements to the Class Board and the addition of a face icon selector in Sigrogana Legend 2! Also included are a number of chat log updates, which allow for any player to download their own chat logs via a simple Help menu, as well as some adjustments to animations and functionality to a few abilities. Following, a whole new Curate promoted class, the Aquamancer, was added in the most recent update! The skills the Aquamancer gets are impressively vast and powerful (they encompass a whole spoiler channel in Sigrogana's discord server), so go check it out!

In a Japanese city known as Cascade Valley, mysterious entities have appeared called ALTERS. In response, an elite team of hunters has banded, called TRACERS, tasked with hunting down and destroying the threat. Crazah's latest creation, trace/ALTER, enables players to take control of their own Trace-Sensitive human in a turn-based strict-roleplaying game. Players are pitted against reality-distorting magical monstrosities that threaten the environment itself. Featuring a visually infatuating environment and incredibly immersive music, Crazah's trace/ALTER continues development and alpha testing. Stay tuned for Crazah's plans, as I'm sure they won't fail to impress!

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Haven't read the article yet, 5 stars for the title.
Thanks for the mention, Spevacus. A great read!
Wow, trace/ALTER looks really good! I like the pixel art a lot.
TLDR when?
Thank you for the mention, Spev!

If anyone would like to stay caught up with the latest and greatest with Hazordhu, including when I stream development on Twitch, or just hang out with some of the team (today we worked on some folly for sound effects) you can hang out with me on Hazordhu's Discord