by AERProductions
Construct your lineage in a living world.
For the most recent additions to the game, fixed some bugs in the season handling and equip system. I have added several new tools, including a file, a whetstone and a saw. I have added several new items which you can make from Ueik tree stumps, such as shingles, a fruit press, or a liquid vessel and made it so logs can be sawed into Ueik Boards to create barrels or a quench box (with more to come). This will also add more variety into wood building types at some point. I have added a few more tutorial entries into the guide book that should help players get started and a new container system where you can fill containers with various liquids which you can then fill other containers with. I have also added a seasonal fruit to Hallow Ueik Trees (Dark Green ones) which you can harvest in Autumn and Winter and use in the fruit press. I will continue working on adding in the new smithy elements that I will announce soon. Lots more to come, we're just getting started!

Until next time, stay aware of your surroundings and Stay Hydrated!

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