Naruto Grand Online Adventures 2

by KyomiGOA
Naruto Grand Online Adventures 2
Customizable Character Build Priority: Using the Strength, Control, Reflex and Intelligence Stat system coupled with over 100 original, canon Naruto skills that are all coded with great care with an emphasis on balance and strategy and Passive skills all accessible within an easy to understand skill tree Naruto GOA is incredibly easy to get in to but also incredibly deep as there are thousands of possibilities for character builds with no right answer. Skill plays the most important part in the game as it should, as opposed to putting a strict emphasis on level.

An Advanced Character Save System: Savefiles in GOA are between 0.5-1.5kb per character, because of the incredibly efficient compression of player saves Naruto GOA has been able to implement a very incredible system where player saves are stored in a central server, but there may be many actual game servers to play on. Saves are retrieved from the main server and no matter which server you want to play you'll have the same character. This means accidental Playerwipes never happen! Whats better effective gameplay design principles ensure that GOA doesnt require Playerwipes at all! Your time spent enjoying the game will stay, keeping you ever motivated to come back and play more.

Events: Chuunin Exams are Automated and true to Naruto, Wars are automated and are a lot of fun. Missions are also automated and incorporate player interaction with earning a wage to buy all the great items you've been wanting.

Fun Leveling: Enjoy kicking logs? Find meditating really fun? Then maybe this game isnt for you. GOA is a PvP oriented game, you can train by sparring other village members in a safe dojo environment. Or go hunt missing-nin or raid other villages for experience. Leveling up is at such a rate that no matter what style you have, casual or hardcore, theres always a higher level and yet its always reasonably within reach.

Fun Combat: You lock on to opponents to remove that linear gameplay of trying to face somebody and shoot a perfectly straight attack at them. Here on GOA projectiles will flow like projectiles should, firing at appropriate angles, reflecting off of each other and sticking into dense surfaces. Jutsu are often of a grand scale and always feel different. Combat is well balanced and polished and you'll find there is no one way to fight. The MMORPG Style Macro Bar allows you to drag and drop Items or Skills from your tabs to the screen to assign them to values from 1,2..9,0 matching the top line of your keyboard. ASDF and Space are already bound for the most popular keys and with BYOND 4.0 the game plays in a very user friendly way. No need to set your own complicated macros or click in tabs, play the game like real games play, intuitively!

GOA has amazing graphic artists: who have helped make the game visually of a higher standard combined with huge maps to give you an authentic feel for a sprawling world of ninjas and forests and villages. You have an interactive map which shows you where your mission objectives are, or with tracking skills where your opponent it on the map.

Villages: Factions play a very large role in the game, you start out in a village of your choice and will find friends within your village. The game is not made to be a free for all, however there is the option to be a missing nin if you are a loner and wish to kill indiscriminately. For those who like friends and teamwork, there is a squad system which helps keep you and your friends in touch as you strategically hunt down vigilante ninja and accomplish missions. Come to understand the joy of raiding an enemy village with a small group of your close friends.

Fantastic AI: Npcs which you will fight if you ever try to invade an enemy village or take on an assassination related mission will put up a serious challenge. They fight just like other players with individualized arsenals of in game skills to keep you on your toes!

Growing: GOA has recently introduced Roleplay Servers, while they are still picking up in popularity (and therefor are hosted less frequently), roleplaying servers are for people who wish to play rounds with their favorite characters in an environment where death is semi-permanent (until the round ends) and training is not a motivating factor, teamwork and role playing is!