Roleplay Budokai

by WhiteStray
Roleplay Budokai
Join this wonderful Roleplaying Game unlike any other. The best merge of existing Features and on top totally new ones await you. New Art-Style and animations.
Hello Fellow Byond Community,

here we go again


- The requested legacy UI is back as an additional option. It is a little bit different then before but still serves the purpose. You can change it via "Options" Menu. However this means that your current settings of the UI are resetted. Sorry for that. For the next time I've implemented a new feature that will save the new UIs position, widht and height properly so it will not get lost on your character again. Just palce it hwo you want and hit "Save" Once or wait for the Player Save (every 30 min).
Training Methods Revamp:
-- New Training Methods Deep Meditation and Shadow Spar. Both with their own mini game. By doing the game you will get an additional boost to your stat gains. It will slowly increase to a max of +15% . Deep Meditation does not help with INT/Magic gains we will likely add something for this aswell later
-- Logs/Dummy Gains have been increased to multiplier 1.5 on the gains (it was 1.0 before)
-- Punch Bag stays at 0.5
-- Sim is moved to 1.7, while split is at 1.8 and normal sparring is sitting at 2.0
3 New Armors : Yadrat, Yadrat Silver plated and bottomless Saiyan Armor
10 New Clothes Added: Cape, Hat, Hoodie, Beard Bushy, Goggles, Hashira, Oni Horns, Hood Cape @ A Special Thanks to MXruchxn
3 new Hairs: Caulifla, Kotai_Kun, Rengoku
2 New Beam Icons
1 new Auras: Wrath
3 New charges
Increased Sand Throw accuracy so it is more likely to hit
Added a bunch of new buildables. Have a look at our new trees. More of this will come soon and will be used for our remap
True Full Screen mode added

Bug Fixes

Contact list should be good okay
Fixed various errors I found in the gaming logs. Also fixed the game crash bug
Fixed BP mults on transes (no worries doesnt affect you anymore)
Fixing walking speed as the new implementation seemd a bit too fast. Let's see how this on goes
Fixed Mystic Ligthning it was red for some reason. Now it's white and on top I added a special mystic aura
Fixed a bug when you build outside tiles on inside turfs and the server restarts they were no longer outside turfs. No need for you to do anything this will be automatically applied
Some kind of fix to our underclothes and oozarou icon