Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Open

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I frequently run into newer coders asking for help because they're seeing an error message like this

code/ 'res/whatever.js': cannot find file

And they totally miss the line above where it says

BUG: The file /full/path/to/project/project.rsc is locked up!

Because they pulled icon or JS or whatever changes from Git and tried to recompile without closing Dream Daemon.

It would be extremely helpful if instead of an easily-overlooked and non-explanatory "BUG:" line followed by a false error message, the compiler produced an error message that made more sense, maybe like

code/ cannot update 'res/whatever.js': project.rsc is in use by another instance of Dream Maker or Dream Daemon

Then we wouldn't have to spend so much time troubleshooting this, explaining this to people, etc.
+1, so much time spent explaining this error