(They've been up there for a few days now, but I've had a busy weekend, so this announcement is a bit late...)

Naruto Chronology is currently the number 1 ranked BYOND game... Though some might argue that that isn't important, it is at least a sign that this game has a large and active user base that highly enjoys it... That alone almost makes it worthy of addition to this guild...

But beyond that, the game itself is entertaining, and seems to represent the Naruto "experience" fairly well... It appears to have plenty to keep players occupied (I only played long enough to check things out, and didn't get very far into the game itself, but I witnessed other players having a good time, and discussing many of the games' features), and I saw no errors, or any prohibited materials...

It has had the stigma of "rip" attached to it, as it has borrowed code elements of a previous Naruto game... However, most of the non-original code has been heavily modified, or replaced since then... And on top of that, the owner of the "borrowed" code has given written permission to use it (not verified by myself, but no one's come forth to refute the quote Stego has put up, so I'll take his word on it)

The game is hosted regularly (24/7 server, I believe), and is often packed with players, so stop by and join in the fun!


The second accepted game is DBTC, by none other than yours truly... I'm divided about adding it, though... On the one hand, I feel that it is definitely a quality game, deserving of inclusion in this guild... On the other hand, I don't want that to look like I'm somehow "abusing" my powers

However, others have come forth (upon my request to "review" the game) to urge me to add it, so I've done so...

Though most DBZ-based games on BYOND make this claim, DBTC really is different from the rest, and I hope anyone that hasn't tried it out will like it!
Glad you added DBTC -- it has to be part of this guild. =)
You should be supporting original game creation.
Chronology is just a popular rip off.
The purpose of the guilds is not only to promote quality in BYOND games (both current and future), but to also provide a resource to link new players up with games they might enjoy...

Regardless of what NC might be, or had been, it still appears to be a game that people enjoy playing, and it is not only deserving of this listing, it is almost necessary...
Nice. =)
Stego's quote is true, i was there after buster had said it himself and i agree with him
Keeth wrote:
You should be supporting original game creation[s]

Ehm, who says so? =/ If a game is popular enough, and there is enough being done to get rid of it's "rip" badge, then I don't see much reason toe exclude it from this guild.
Glad to see DBTC added to the list. I played it a long time ago, and enjoyed it very much. I felt like I was playing something 'different', and it was professionally presented. I did encounter some bugs back then, like Namek replicants turning into gigantic monkeys, but I didn't find anything which hampered my enjoyment of the game. All in all, I wished it was longer :)
Looking at your CSS, I flipped Naruto off for the first time.
NC deserves it, it has been rank 1 for a while and doesent even play like other Naruto games.
the word 24/7 is loosely used its lucky to be up 10/3
DBTC IS the best Dragonball Z game on Byond.
Trunks Master wrote:
the word 24/7 is loosely used its lucky to be up 10/3

nah, 10/3 is an over exaggeration. I would say 15/7 :P but we'll be soon getting digitalByond.
Are you even around anymore? Maybe you should add more Guild staff to keep this Guild up to date.
Naruto Chronology used the base of Naruto: Way Of The Shinobi, as did most Naruto games.
And WOTS started with Izou source.

Even though I notice Stego bashed my game somewhere else on this forum they should still be in the listings.
NC isn't even up anymore which is stupid.
Stego wrote:
Trunks Master wrote:
the word 24/7 is loosely used its lucky to be up 10/3

nah, 10/3 is an over exaggeration. I would say 15/7 :P but we'll be soon getting digitalByond.

I know you don't know who I am. Who knows if you even go on Byond anymore, but I want to talk to you. Please respond if you see this