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I've had a player of my game bring this issue to me attention. Someone else stated they had the same issue but didn't report it.

It seems like players of my game with 4K displays are having their skin elements distorted in weird ways.

Namely the size of the actual menus at the top of the screen and the drop down menus, as well as all font sizes being larger than normal.

I've checked a few issues and they all seem to have 4k displays on relatively new laptops. They do have the appropriate fonts so thats not the issue.

I'm assuming this is some kind of an setting in windows to increase the scale of some windows elements to accommodate for the small display with high resolution.

Does anyone know what windows setting might be causing this, and if there's any way to accomodate for this in my skin elements?

There's an image attached showing the difference, the left is what these players are seeing in-game. The right is what the skin is suppose to look like.
Best response
Windows' DPI scaling settings are what control this.