Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
Tannis Remap
  • Courtesy of Appo, Tannis has received a facelift.

Class Board Interface Adjustments
  • Mousing over your main class or sub class icon will show what level that class is and your current EXP/needed EXP for it.
  • Added a Respec button to the skill distribution page.

New Patrion Item
  •  Intro Regalia (500 Patrions) - Reusable, toggle-able item that allows you to select a Style Seed animation that will display at the start of battle, or when you join a battle in progress.
New Furniture & Furniture Adjustments
  • Narration Trigger; Semi-hidden item that, when stepped on, spits out a predefined narration blurb. (Once per player per house reset, or until changed.)
  • Base cost of most furniture changed from 60 to 40 Murai.

  • Furniture Planners can now be used via the furniture-shop verb to open up the DISCer chest from anywhere.
  • Base Move for all classes has been adjusted to 5.
  • Item effect automatically spawned allies (Spine Leash, Haunted Armor, etc.) will not spawn if the item owner's mercenary usage preference is set to 'off'.
  • When your turn comes up in battle, the window will flash if it is inactive.
  • You can now download your face-icon via the Help button. (If you lost it somehow.)
  • Statue of Memory battles can now be left at any time.
  • Prinny HP value increased to 999,999.
  • Perspectives when adjusting the battle camera are now based on the eye instead of respecting the edge of the map. (This may help when observing battles with opaque walls.)
  • Anchor Edge's basic attack and Freezing Round now show the Regalia'd appearance of a weapon.
  • Typing indicator will show up even if you are typing in the large message box version of communication verbs.