My hard push on 514 this week went ahead as planned, but a little softer than I intended so there are a few things I still need to clear up and a couple of items on my list to finish. Since my goal is still to get 514 out into beta within this month, that presents some obvious problems.

Of course, I also had planned to get out the next 513 maintenance release as well and that didn't happen, so next week is gonna be interesting. I think there's a nonzero chance that an issue with the 513 release could throw everything off track, but if so I don't think it'll be for long. My hope is that I can still get 514 out the door on time.

To that end, today I have to do some testing of another aspect of particles that had to go in, and get that documented. I also have a major item on my plate regarding world.movement_mode, investigating how far the implementation got earlier and what else needs to be done with it, including documentation. Those are really the biggest items left for 514, but I don't think they're awful except for the testing I'll have to do on both of them.

So I may or may not run late on the beta release, but if I do I don't expect it to be by very much. I have a short list of items I'm going through and I'll see they get done.

Thank you everyone who's helped support BYOND recently, whether as Members or on Patreon or SubscribeStar. You guys are the best. I'm looking forward to repaying your support with some great features!

This is traditionally the week in January where we would get a thaw, but of course everything is backwards this winter so I'm expecting a cold snap instead. Hopefully your winter is going well and gives you lots of excuses to work on your games or play someone else's. There's still some rumbling about GIAD 2021 from what I hear, but I'm sure you'll hear about that before too long. Enjoy your weekend!