hello everyone, I have journeyed long and far to find the right place for me, I hope to make some friends and hope to have alot of fun, to find the purpose of my life, to share knowledge, to connect at a deeper level.

I know some people might not be opened to most stuff I say, but by my love of my heart, I please ask that you accept me and that we may go on an adventure.

my life has been a struggle, but I have not given up!, just know that you can be loved and there are stories of lives of golden opportunities.

I use discord, and I usually speak on a group server, idk if I am being trolled or not, but I try to commute and to see if its worth staying around.

I am open to connect to people in a way that create the process of the subconscious, sorry if you cant understand much, but I basically want self growth and to live in the most ideal good.

soon that more people will experience this and gather together.

I like philosophy, spirituality, indie games like iconoclasts, axiom verge, dandara and finally outer wilds.

I like Michael Rosen rap, I like sonic the hedgehog when he goes super sonic and unleashed into werehog.

Soniiiety wrote:
..., to connect at a deeper level.

Hello! I also like communicating at a more spiritual level, Humans are about so much more than Modern Problems like Work, Stress, Anxiety ect. Sonic is also Cool! I really want a Sonic Adventure 3 :D 2 was soooo good!

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