Hey everyone,

I have a game Ive recently released called Crypthead, and Id really like to try to expand the player base and get some downloads/plays.

Do you guys have any recommendations for advertising a game?
Generally speaking, if you're not going with a publisher and plan on marketing on your own then I'd recommend:

  • A website* with a landing page about your game, and a link to download it or a link to the hub if the standalone client isn't available.
  • Quick social media outlets, like Twitter, with screenshots and the appropriate hashtags. #Indie #PixelArt #WIP to name a few.
  • Subreddits for both feedback and visibility. Not so much to blatantly advertise your game, but more along the lines of, "Here's a gif of a neat feature" or "Look at this cool screenshot of my game". People will give feedback, and you can selfishly plug your website and twitter info in the comment section of your thread. The same subreddits will give you an idea of what quality posts people react to based on upvotes and comment quantity.
*Own domain is preferred. What's $1-$10/year to hold a domain?
Also consider setting up an account on at least one site that catalogues games, especially indie games, such as Can't hurt to be listed somewhere for free.