by Acebloke
The next chapter
That is 'F' for 'Failed to be on time ever'

Long change list of course, see previous posts about the bigger features.
I had to decide whether to delay or just release, so I've just released.
Expect some references to previous betas or not fully updated notes.
I appreciate the small following Wargames series has, and realistically many have likely moved on. Updating any of the Wargames series at this point is a passion, the funds I gained from it now dried up.

For those that ever wondered whether BYOND was a viable funding stream to develop on, I can happily say I've made a 4 figure number from my time here. However, that is now over the time period of 2 decades! But any investment is what you make of it. For those that remain and have a mild interest in my work, I present the latest build of Wargames 2 the civilisation clone on our very own BYOND.

Future plans for Wargames 2:

Tidy the rest of the game up
Fix bugs
Make proper AI
Ensure the Map and Scenario Editor still works

From there, we will see what the interest is.

Here is the changelog, it is long:

New Features:

* Stone is a new resource for buildings and early units.
- Stone is found on:
- 1 for Seam, Shore and Arid tiles
- 2 for Mountain and Deposit tiles
- This might be changed in future, including altering other resources.
* There is a new host option to simplify units by making them "upgradable" rather than all being shown.
- They categorise by type instead of age, and the old units of their style is not shown. For example, axeman doesn't show once superior axeman is available.
* Name and Government type is now displayed in the resource panel, in a bid to visually display more individuality.
* Town buildings in the form of icons and resources generated and other stats (previously in Town Stats is now available on the resource panel.
* New age available: Ice age. For those extreme players who literally like to start with nothing.
* Sound effects! Wow! New technology! One feature in the game you don't have research.
- Clicky sounds for host settings.
- Menu collapse and expand sounds.
- Sounds for building buildings, selecting research and picking unit age/type categories.
- Different sounds for successful unit creation or failure.
- Different sounds for completed research between new age and regular.
* New unit window splits away from the communication panel, showing hp, food and location as before but also displaying for the first time:
- Unit type and attack value.
- Defence split into its 3 values (blunt, stab and yet to feature bullet).
- Commands for workers, boarding and settling on a window instead of the hud.
* Tundra terrain now added! This includes...:
- Tundra itself, 2 oil only.
- Taiga, representing forestry, 1 food and 2 wood. You'll need this for food supplies in cold areas.
- Shrubland, not as good as taiga at 1 food and 1 wood, but more likely to be found closer to the poles.
* New preset options for map generation:
- Tundra - Focus on flatter cold climates.
- Alpine - Focus on high altitute cold climates.
- Steppe - Focus on plain, flat climates.
* Added some new Flag emblems.

New Research and Units:

*Oldowan: An Ice age research that opens up stone to use, its also necessary for a number of other research, including darts, rafts and mining.
* New Research / Unit: Scythed Chariot. A replacement for the older Chariot unit in the Romanic Age.
* New Unit: Caveman is now split into two units, Caveman (no weapon) for Ice age, and Clubman which retains the original graphic. Clubmen have 2 attack, which matches Axemen but axemen still have 3hp. May change.
* New Unit: Broadaxeman. An iron age unit, replaces the Superior Axeman. Requires Metallurgy.
* New Research: Migration. An Ice age research, this allows moving of your base town. Currently bugged (borders).
* New Research: Fire. An Ice age research. Allows migration in cold climates. Also prerequest for Metallurgy.
* New Research: Handaxe: An Ice age research, allows wood collection. Requires Oldowan to unlock.
* New Research: Alpha Male: An Ice age research, opens the elite unit.
* New Unit: Alpha Male, the Ice age Elite unit.
- This is not a mistake! the old Alpha Male is now named "Hunter Prime", and as such a new entry was made for Alpha Male. I felt this fit better for the two ages.
* New Research: Hafting: Paleolithic age research, used for various later techs - used for axes, siege weapons, farming equipment... essential!

Other Changes:

* Game Settings and map generation now comes in new windows instead of the HUD.
* Superior Axeman now uses 25 stone instead of 10 metal for a cost.
* Other units such as Axeman, Maceman and siege units also use stone.
* Wind direction on sea tiles is now slightly less imposing.
* Prehistoric age now named Paleolithic, for the introduction of an additional earlier age.
* Your town will grow to your age population limit even without Permanent Settlement, but you won't be able to grow towns (and thus buildings) without it.
* Resource information nationally and in towns are hidden now when you don't have the technology.
* Units now take their food cost in population.
* Behind the scenes changes to unit code makes it much easier to make new ones, and fixes some bugs.
* Foraging has been moved back to Ice age.
* Town population now increases at a maximum of 20% of the entire population, slowing down initial increases.
* Metallurgy now requires Fire (ice age research) before unlocking. Walk before running!
* Alpha Male unit renamed Hunter Prime - so that a new Alpha Male unit can be made (see above).
* Axemen now require Handaxe (ice age research) before unlocking.
* Mining now requires Handaxe (ice age research) before unlocking. My logic is to mine things you need to chip it away with something.
* Forestry now requires Hafting (paleolithic age research) before unlocking.
* Dark age is now renamed Golden Age.
* Plough now requires Hafting (paleolithic age research) before unlocking.
* Carts now requires Hafting (paleolithic age research) before unlocking.
* Battering Ram now requires Hafting (paleolithic age research) before unlocking.
* War Weaponry now requires Hafting (paleolithic age research) before unlocking.
* Government Menu HUD is now fully removed.
- Though a couple of things still use HUD as a placeholder (flag/interest group info and alliances).


* Stables now only give 4 horses instead of 10.
* Horses now breed a lot slower, at horses +/ 20 and rounds to 0.1 to represent pregnancies.
/ Previously it was horse +/ 8 rounding to whole numbers, meaning 89 horses became 100 on turn 21 of horses, but no unit takes anywhere near that many horses.
/ Under the new system, turn 21 reaches roughly 10.6, making it much more quantifyable, and not hitting the max until turn 67 (95 becoming 100).
/ I still think this is too high, so will probably scale even more in future, but its a start.
* Your starting town now only has 250 people, but settlers still start with 1,000.


* Now accounts for seam tiles added in previous version.
* Added varied graphics for blackout, when you want to see beyond the playing area and make it prettier than a black mess.

Subscriber features:

* Oblivious AI is now opened up for non-subscribers. It is essentially free cities that do nothing, and doesn't protect itself.
* In compensation, and so I can work on it more, King of the Hill is now a subscriber feature. Previously only Technology King was.
* Global Warming or Freezing can now be set, based on a sliding scale of severity - Subscriber host only feature!

Bug Fixes:

* Settlers could build on shore tiles, now blocked.
* Loading map would not remove Blackout even in a no fog game, fixed.
* Segmented Armour wouldn't always show, fixed.
* Fixed a potential exploit using Forestry to increase resources.
* Caught a random bug with Town space host option where it would increase town distance instead.

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