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I've seen barely (if any at all) good Inuyasha games on BYOND. =/ I want to break that and try to create one, I just need to know if the community would like this also. :P
It'd be turnbased, and based on part of the story (a little bit). I just don't know if I'm going to make it multiplayer or singleplayer. =/
Multiplayer is fun. :)

I've never seen Inuyasha, but to be honest, if it plays well, I won't mind what it's about.
Like Elation I haven't seen Inuyasha, but I'd probably get into it if I liked your game.

One thing however, I recommend not releasing anything until you've got something that's better than all the other Inuyasga games. A good pre-release checklist for you to use is; a medium sized world, no debugging things, relatively bug free and the base systems complete. In short it should look and play a lot like the full version.
If you do release stuff before it's up to that level it's just going to get judged poorly, some people will like it, but most will just assume it's a "I'm going to make the best [] on BYOND" project. Then when it actually is the best Inuyasha game on BYOND everyone will continue to ignore it.
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Hey, I said try... :p