I tend to find that I'm ALWAYS out of ideas, or make really bad ones which it would take a psycho to enjoy. :(

Soooooo, how do you all get ideas?
i usually root around in my brain with a dirty spoon, then see what attaches to the encrusted pasta sauce when i pull it out. i lick the results off, rolling it around on my tongue, then pass it between each cheek before chasing it down with a rum & cola drink.

whatever remains in the system after 24 hours gets filtered into my brain then into a directory on one of my old Commodore 64 computers where it is then lost forever, awaiting recovery by archeologists who try to emulate Indiana Jones while picking corn out of their teeth.
Not sleeping.
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Ter13 wrote:
Not sleeping.

Actually, that's where all of my current ideas c(a/o)me from. It just pops up, like a dream or something. But, I don't really like doing that since it messes me up at school. :(
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I tried that before like Dr. Hobo (VGcats > you) but it got stuck up in my brain. :(
I think, What do I like or what sounds cool to me right now?

And then I think, What hasn't been done yet, or what have I not done yet?

And then I think, taking form thaat list, which of these ideas sounds the most awesome to me?

and then I ask about 2 people if my choice was a good idea/great idea/bad idea, and if it's just good or if it's bad, I'll show them my other ideas.
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I read, write and watche alot of movies, also I play alot of games.

I know it sounds lame, but i like to play with games and movies, take certian ideas or concepts I like, and try to force them into some form of playable Byond game.

Like I like the level up system in Final Fantasy 2 for the Gameboy Advance. Your charaters attributes go up, depending on what happens.

if you take massive damage, when you win the fight, you get MORE Hp, ect.

So I took this idea, and designed a ACTION combat system, where when you win, you have a certian % to level up a random attribute. but heres the thing..

The more of something you do, IE get hit, the higher the percent for getting HP goes up, the better chance of getting bonus HP.
Play games. Read books. Watch movies. Listen to music. Absorb information. Lie in bed and let your mind wander amongst the things you've gathered. Think of what you liked. What you didn't like. How something should be done better.

If you think of anything good that could be fleshed out into a separate game, write it down! If you think of improvements and additions later, write those down too.

And then leave it alone.

If you still think it's a good idea after a cooling-off period (a day or two is usually enough), then congratulations! You have a viable idea that you hopefully won't get bored of too soon. Use it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

And remember: The key to being original is to have so many different and diverse influences that nobody can tell where it all came from.
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I make some games after great shows that i watch..

Or..Eat some pie.
Shower. I think in the shower.