Somewhat like Quest 64(that game r0x0red), you'll be in an arena with a blue circular thing around you, which you can't move out of or you'll "run" away from battle. You have a skill in the bottom right corner of your screen, and each skill has a different range and certain effects.
Such as:
Range: 3 tiles infront of you
Effect: May paralyze enemy
Damage: (pi*wis/4)-enemy's magical defense rounded down

You'd have around 20 seconds to make your move, and the further away from the enemy you are, the further away you can move away from it. The closer you are, the closer you have to stay. You'd use tab to shift through your skills, and everyone would be the same "class". They'd just be able to build their character differently. And, at the beginning of the game, you'd get to pick from ~8 elements to be.

Sound good? =/
Yes, that sounds like a very interesting idea. I'd have to see it when it comes out to say if it was good, or not.