_> Somebody knows they want to give out info, or sites with tons of info on them.
How much legwork have you put into this? A single line post doesn't look like very much...

A quick trip to google produced:

Not too hard to find more under "vampire information", "vampire histore", "vampire myth", etc.
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Oh, all I was getting was Buffy stuff. >_>
But, I just typed in vampire, so, thanks Murphy.
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Sorry if I seemed gruff. Just in a bad mood because of work conditions....

I forgot to add that wikipedia can often turn up useful starting points as well.
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In those situations, you can exclude keywords by prefixing them with a minus sign (-). So searching Google for "vampire -buffy" (without the quotes) will turn up things about vampures but exclude everything to do with Buffy.
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Wow, I wish I knew that. >_>
Oh well, thanks Google Pro. :P