My question is, should you give people a little radius of light, so they can see in the pitch black? Or should I make it so if they have no torch or other source of lighting, they're forced to stay in town (with prelit torches and stuff)?
Of course, it depends on the game, but in most situations, I'd vote for the little radius.
I'd say about 2 to 3 spaces out for sight, but make it blurred.
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You could include phases of the moon and vary their sight from that. Example: Full moon, 3 spaces (blurred) Half moon, 2 spaces (very blurred) and new moon, 1 space (blurred). This is just as idea, it might be hard to code, but since i'm not a coder, I don't really know.
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That's basically what I was thinking, minus the moons. :p
The darker it is, the less you can see. Of course, I could make moons easily, but, meh.