I've been going over Deadrons Pathfinding and I find it to be a little too much... I expect to have a lot of mobs in my world, and I'm thinking of taking the approach of having guys travel in groups with one mob figuring out the pathfinding for all of them, and then sending the path to each one. I am still wondering if it's even feasible to do pathfinding when a game might have 200 or so units in it at one time.

What does everyone think about the efficiency of pathfinding?
Can i get an idea of wat type of game ur doing??? CUz im confoozled rite now to wat exactly r u trying to accomplish. (yes yes, pathfinding, but wat do u mean with the groups and 200 ppl...)
Doing some Google research on group pathfinding should help.
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it's a real time strategy game.
...Doesn't a mob's group list by default follow \him around?

If so, you could mess around with the group list... Maybe make one troop a commander, and the rest could be his mindless minions. Then he could do all of the pathfinding.
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No. The group list just controls what happens by default when two mobs bump into each other. Look it up. =)