I was thinking of something for Nadold that would make people want it, and perhaps even kill for it. I kept on thinking until I came to the solution of drugs. Yes, drugs.

There will be plant wild life in Nadold, such as roses, wildflowers, berries, etc. And perhaps even plants that supply drugs.

When the user takes a drug, his vision will get messed (tunnel vision, blurred vision, etc.) and he will (in some areas) get very enhanced. Such as if I was dying of hunger, and moaning for it, and I found some cocaine, I'd take a nice snort of it, and lose my hunger (for awhile) and gain some energy.

The downside to this, is that you'll get addicted, and need a constant supply of it. Or for a short while your character will go temporarily insane if they don't meet their demands. (read: withdrawls).

So, drugs are a last resort, but you'll be punished in some sort of way for doing them.

Ideas? Thoughts? Opinions?
I've done extensive planning for chemical addiction systems, and the only way I can think to make a character *need* the drug is to cause massive stat modifiers if they don't take it, as well as random unconsciousness, general uselessness, and of course, the inability to spend money on anything but drugs during a withdrawl phase.

I can't think of a way to make a player kill for drugs, I can just think of ways to make the player so irritated that they will use the drug again just so they can play the game normally.
I was thinking of putting something like this in my game, though I haven't thought much about it though.
Exile III: Ruined World had a system like this - the drug was called Skribbane. From memory, it gave you great health and strength bonuses to start with, but those quickly dried up. If you stopped taking it, you'd start to take massive damage.

You could also take Skribbane smuggling missions. They were impossible until you knew the correct route to go through, and really easy after that. =)