Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
New Traits
  • Spiritual Tattoo (Obedience) - 10 FAI, Race with Natural Skin.
    Spiritual tattoos infuse body and soul with certain refinements. -1% Maximum HP. Augment your Youkai contracts to make them more obedient, preventing Youkai from refusing Install requests or unsummoning themself (excluding lacking FP to maintain them), and granting them +30% status resistance versus Confusion. (Includes yourself if treated as Youkai via Install, etc.)
  • Sadism
    To you, there's nothing better than watching them suffer. Increases the chance you inflict Wounds on enemies when dealing damage by 50% of its normal value, and upon doing so successfully, the enjoyment you feel restores 10 FP.
  • Reckless Rescuer
    Someone's in trouble, there's no time to waste! Joining a battle mid-way grants +15 Scaled Weapon Attack as you bravely charge into the fray, but lowers your Phys. and Mag. Defense by 10% due to your recklessness. This effect lasts for 3 rounds.
  • Pious Upbringing
    5 FAI, At least 1 SR in Prayer
    Your early life was filled with devoted worship and prayer to a specific God. Upon selecting this trait, you select a prayer tool of the God you worshipped. You receive that prayer tool, and if you do not have a God, it becomes your God and your God Loyalty becomes 40. Praying also requires slightly less mental stamina.
  • Weapon Telepathy
    15 FAI, 15 WIL, 15 APT
    You have a strange connection with weapons that allows you to hear thoughts and feelings projected by it, although no one will ever believe you. You will sometimes hear thoughts from your weapons. If you have Sentimentality (Weapon), sentimentality builds between you and weapons twice as fast.
  • Desperado Striker
    20 LUC
    Don't bet against you when the odds are down; you've got so much luck it's pouring out of your ears. If you perform a basic attack with a weapon that has exactly 1 durability remaining, that attack will always critically hit if successful.
  • Animal Allergy
    Race with Natural Skin
    Animals have always made you a bit... sneezy. Being near an animal-like race may cause you to sneeze involuntarily sometimes. If this occurs in battle, the sneeze may have a special minor effect.
  • Cursed Blood
    Race with Natural Skin
    Your blood has been cursed by some higher entity or vile sorcerer, impacting your health negatively in some way, but making you poisonous to some others. Reduces your Status Resistance by 10% and prevents you from donating blood. However, enemies who drink your blood or absorb your HP have a chance to have a status effect dispelled. May also interact with certain blood-based skills in a unique way.
  • Serious Disposition
    15 WIL
    Disposition trait (only 1 can be selected). It's just in your nature to take things seriously, giving you a mental fortitude against certain distractions, such as lust and second-guessing yourself. However, you are a bit more hopeless when things go bad. +10% resistance versus Charm and Hesitation. -10% resistance versus Fear and Silence.
  • Laidback Disposition
    15 WIL
    Disposition trait (only 1 can be selected). You could be described as 'going with the flow' or even 'airheaded', giving you less whiplash in scary situations. But such a mindset also makes you easily affected by someone's charisma and give a lack of commitment to certain courses of action. +10% resistance versus Fear and Silence. -10% resistance versus Charm and Hesitation.

Balance Adjustments
  • Custom Spell Tomes - All have had scaling changed to 50% WIL, 50% Element Stat
  • Volcanic - Damage no longer ignores protection.
  • Anchor Edge - VIT scaling reduced to 10% (from 25%). No longer Immobilizes on Critical Hit.

  • Refreshing Flow - Duration changed to 5 rounds. Aquae Crest effect no longer consumes crests.
  • Purifying Aquae - Now main class only. Aquae Crest effect changed to LV 6, consumes 3 LVs. CD time changed to 3 Rounds.
  • Wild Waterfall - Generates 2 extra Aquae Crest LVs when invoked.
  • Brine Blade - Aquae Crest consumption changed to 2 LV (from 3).

  • Monsters can now be inflicted with wounds. When someone in battle is inflicted with a wound, the message will be displayed to all combatants.
  • Buzz Cut hairstyle courtesy of TamakiKun.
  • Poncho Mirror Shard courtesy of BIG GHST!
  • Adjustments to item updating (validating scaling and item effects, etc.)

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