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I've been messing around with filters a lot lately and I've noticed that you can get super cool effects when applying filters onto plane masters. The issue is however, because I'm really just warping the screen, it would become difficult to make it seem like the filter is coming from another object, because there'd be a lot of overhead in keeping track of where the filter should be positioned, and it wouldn't animate.

An example use-case would be the singularity in SS13, which is just a blackhole. Using filters I made a pretty neat implosion effect, but as far as I know there is not a robust way of making this effect move with the object.

Essentially my request is some way or form of achieving what I'm trying to do. I'm not sure what the best method of doing this is but if it was at all possible it'd be much appreciated.

image of the filter ontop of a plane master for reference: 814506393716391976/unknown.png
So the idea is something where the effect center is tied to a given object? Interesting idea. The way objects are added to the render list, though, might be an issue. The main problem is an object can appear multiple times thanks to visual contents and HUDs.
Yep, so that it smoothly moves/animates with said object even when applied to something else.

I think it would open a lot of cool visual options, so I do hope you find a way of getting this to work.
I think this would actually be a really interesting thing to implement, and would have a lot of really cool use cases.

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