Lively Tiara 2: Battle with the Jungle Monkies

by Alfonzo224
Will you rule a righteous queen... or as an evil dictator?
A new game introducing RP/faction elements into an entirely free roam sandbox PVP game! You can level up via incredibly immersive methods such as just fighting another person!

Up to 4 factions to choose from! Karsenuk, Arrivederci, Wakokanua, and the evil sentient Monkey Army! You can rank up in these factions and even lead them! Hopefully you can stay on top...

Faction wars between each country included! With the 4th faction being able to join in and take out both sides when they're weaker.

Immersive permadeath and immersive FISHING!!!

Daily events and tournaments!

You can even immerse yourself with features such as cooking, mining, sewing, crafting, carpentry, masonry and blacksmithing!

Join now!

Jonrey234 - Master Admin
Finroy2764 - Mapping
BigGHST - Sprite Artist
Fillipdo - Coder
Crazygraw - Coder
Alfonzo224 - Main Coder
Vicky24 - Coder
Yosuke21 - PR manager
Master Light - Owner
Dayvon64 - Reference for Jungle Monkey icons/race
When will game be up? I look forward to seeing how this game is.
In about 2 weeks, just preparing the last set of updates and we'll be ready for Alpha version 2.1!
I heard this game is 10 years before it's time
The amount of love and care that has gone into this game is honestly breathtaking, it just goes to show what true vision and hard work can achieve. IGN: 10/10