I'm currently largely through a shooting library but would like to know what you the developers would want.

Current Planed Features (Some Already There) :

# Vector Shooting (Pixel Shooting) (Check Dat =D).
# Support For Easy Weapon Creation
# Support For Easy Ammunition Creation.
# Support For Tweaking Weapon (Range, Damage, Sounds, Delays)
# Four Default Example Weapons (Knife, Pistol, Shotgun, Sub Machine Gun.)
# Weapon Functions (Equip/Unequip, Get, Drop, Reload)
# Basic player icon (Four Directions), Weapon Overlays.
# Health & Armor
# Kill Counter
# Basic Enemy

So what features here would you change and what would you like?
explosions(various kinds)
sfx(smoke craters growing dust clouds etc)
knockback(various kinds)

In response to Xavion_Zenovka
Explosions I can do but would need to get some artists for various types. I'll add it to my list. Hopefully when I release it someone like that might pass by.

For sfx currently all I can do is a patch kind of like a crater that is left behind after and explosion. Again, would need an artist but that's certainly not impossible to do.

What do you mean by Knockback?
In response to Kyle_ZX
I think he means by 'knockback', that you get knocked back because of the impact of the weapon. Like when you fire with a shotgun at somebody, you get knocked back because of the impact. How closer you are, the more far the target gets knocked back.
In response to Raimo
That would be interesting but I would like the player to remain fixed to the tile grid with vector based shooting. Perhaps as a visual effect manipulating pixel_x & y is possible but I don't see how that makes the game better. I can just imagine the shotgun at close range now. If it doesn't kill them the first shot, they're still stunned so just shoot them again.

Interesting idea though. I'll keep it in mind.
In response to Kyle_ZX
They could get killed with the first shot from a shotgun at close range. But imagine if the target is wearing a bulletproof vest? I don't think they would get killed, but stunned and knocked back.
In response to Raimo
Indeed which would prevent them from shooting, in which time the player has readied their next shot. It seems to make the game unbalanced and unfair. More real yes.. But I believe realism isn't always the same as good gameplay. The best example would be monitoring your Sim's bladder in the Sims game. What a pain, is that what I really play it for ya know.
In response to Kyle_ZX
Being a library though, that's the end developer's decision. You'd make it optional functionality.
In response to Stephen001
Good point. I'll make it a low priority piece for later so the player can just change a global variable to activate it.
Do u have a release date for this library because this would be very helpful!!! :)
In response to Valoesdte
I'd like to see a library where a bullet/projectile can smoothly follow a target in a tile-based game. (Your 5 tiles away from your target and 2 tiles to the left, when you shoot your bullet, the bullet goes straight to your target, not straight then turns left.)

If doing the above requires pixel movement, would that mean that my game would lag like a Pixel-based game?
In response to Valoesdte
Valo, don't worry about this. This will be much more complicated than need be, since the current system is only going to actually do anything when a player is hit by a bullet. Adding vectors is only going to slow down progress even more.
In response to Truseeker
Vectors are not to be confused with pixel movement.
In response to Kyle_ZX
I'd like options. Maybe I want one projectile to go straight at the target as Truseeker described, maybe I want one to go straight, and maybe I want one to be homing, but not have to worry about following the tiles.